Our clients work with us for different reasons. Some choose us for our investment knowledge that comes from years of experience and extensive education. Others appreciate our attentiveness to their needs whenever they arise. We incorporate The WiSE AdvantageTM and offer a client experience that is unprecedented.

These are our client success stories from clients who have honored us with video testimonials.

A Snapshot of Our Client Testimonials

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Others we've helped

We were honored earlier this year with one of our clients Susan Tough, being selected to share her success story on the corporate Private Wealth Management Website.

Please find below her written story:

Testimonial from Susan, Client of Gibbings and Associates Private Wealth Management

 Rod Gibbings has been my financial planner for over 20 years. We have traveled this path together and as time has gone by, I love how he has constantly reassessed my needs and goals. His attention to detail is so very apparent as he (we) question my comfort levels as my life style and position changes. I can say with certainty that I would not have been able to retire at 56 if Rod had not been navigating through the economics of life with me. I credit myself with acknowledging there is a lot I just don’t know : what questions to ask, are there new rules that apply to me or what details should I pay attention to: retirement planning, estate planning with my daughter and grandchildren in mind, Tax planning and implications as my income and age changes, preparing for aging parents – it can make you crazy. My visible confidence in Rod shows.

That has allowed me to refer colleagues, friends and family to Rod and his team. I look like a hero as every one of them has come back to me within days, weeks, years of beginning their relationship with Rod and thanked me. It’s more than investing, and it’s more than dollars and cents. The clarity and reliable guidance Rod brings to the table instils trust. None of this would succeed if his character was lacking. I like knowing Rod and his team are in my corner and I know I can count on them as my needs and circumstances in life continue to change. He pays attention. 

Susan, Client since 1995

Here are a few written examples of why clients trust us as their wealth management partner, and of the solutions we have developed for them. 

 I had investments in many areas and wanted to have a clear retirement plan. The Living Plan gives me the current plan at my fingertips as well as timely insight with tax planning, health insurance and changes to my retirement plan. When I met with Rod and the team they were very quick to assist me and put a plan together to make some big life decisions fast. Everything was explained well, I was guided through decisions and have continued to be well supported. As a newly retired person I have peace of mind that my living plan will meet my goals and allow me to enjoy retirement.

Linda, Client since 2023

 I was referred to Rod and his team at IG Wealth Management through friends who were very pleased with them and I certainly would highly recommend them. Rod has been exceptionally helpful and knowledgeable and the personal contact from both him and his team have meant a lot to me as I did not have that with my previous advisor. I am very happy to have found this awesome team who I feel confident entrusting them with my portfolio. Thanks Rod and team! 

Patricia, Client since 2013

 My husband and I have been with IG since 1986. We have been with Rod Gibbings and team since 1994. We have been very satisfied with Rods' strategies, insightfulness and compassion over the years. We would recommend this team to anyone. 

Sharon & Gord, Clients since 1994

 Recently retired and newly married, Brenda and I found ourselves having to reorganize our affairs. We both recognized the benefits of having a comprehensive estate plan in place but felt a little unsure how to apply this to our situation. I had been loyal to my financial planner/ institution for more than 15 years but felt my estate was not, shall we say, “complete”. My wife’s experience was similar.  Yes, we had access to various resources, but felt somewhat alone in having to recognize, obtain and fully understand, the “financial plan puzzle”.  Rod reviewed our portfolios and after numerous discussions, we came to the conclusion that we needed his expertise.  We moved our investments and estate planning portfolios over to IG and have never looked back.  Rod and his team quickly had our new financial road mapped out with clarity and confidence.  Rod has a very hands-on approach and spends untold hours organizing his client’s needs.  He always reflects integrity and professional conduct in every meeting and clearly cares about his clients, on a personal level as well as professional.   Rod and his team have gone above and beyond our expectations with clear guidance to our financial goals. 

Bob and Brenda McGill, Clients since 2020