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Our goal is to provide clients with freedom. Perhaps it’s the freedom to never wonder if you will outlive your money. Or the freedom of knowing you have an estate to pass on to loved ones. Whatever your freedom means, we guide business owners, pre-retirees and retirees through every aspect of their financial lives.

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Being There When it Matters Most

When our friend and colleague Joseph Csakany passed away unexpectedly, his comprehensive financial plan from Gibbings & Associates protected his wife Coleen from ever having to worry about her future. The investment strategy implemented by Rod was instrumental in allowing Joseph to retire earlier than he thought possible, and Joseph’s expertise with insurance in his work as our team’s Insurance Specialist protected his family and his legacy when it mattered most.

Helping clients protect their family and their legacy, like Joseph’s, is what our team does best. Let us show you how.

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It’s not easy to talk about estate planning; after all, who wants to think about what might happen when they’re no longer here? It’s also a complicated topic, covering investments, tax and real estate, not to mention hard-to-navigate family issues. There’s far more to it than just making a will — find out exactly what’s involved in estate planning. As a result, many people make mistakes or forget important steps when developing their estate plan, which can lead to trouble for their loved ones.

As an incorporated business, how can I protect the value of my business through tax and estate planning?

Download our free whitepaper to see how a proper tax and estate plan works with you and your business throughout its life cycle to ensure you are maximizing wealth and minimizing taxes.


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